In Brief

Legal Document Assistance, Project and Team Management


  1. Startups
  2. Streaming media
  3. TV, Radio, Internet
  4. Mobile – iOS/Android
  5. Legal Document Prep
  6. Senior-Level Paralegal
  7. Family Law/ Civil Litigation
  8. Trial Prep/ Discovery
  9. Freelance Writing/Editing





[two_third_last]Start-ups/Emerging Media: More than a decade of experience leading creative and/or coding teams in streaming & new media for mobile (iOS and Android) and web-based products.

Traditional Media: Reporting, writing and editing strengths are: Financial services, High Tech (hardware, software, Internet commerce, enterprise, media), venture capital, business model analysis, Mass Media Law, media trends (traditional and new media), entertainment, television, film.

Legal Writing & Staff Management Senior-level legal writer/paralegal with experience in California civil & family document preparation & filing from initial case prep to final judgment, federal civil rights (1984 cases), client intake/interaction & billing, and boutique office and support staff management.[/two_third_last][/box]


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